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Create your own Social Network site fast with Ning | Cynergise – Social Media Consultancy by Chandesh Parekh

Create your own Social Network site fast with Ning

Chandesh Parekh
by Chandesh Parekh
in Internet Marketing, Useful Web Sites
May 15, 2008

Social networking is all the rage at the moment with social networks like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace in the news almost daily whether it be about the latest subscription numbers or who is making a buyout bid for how much (AOL bought Bebo in March for $850 million)!

All the social networks have a ‘Groups’ facility where you can invite friends to join in to share common interests,  but how much better is it to create your own social network using a site like Ning?

Let’s look at the advantage; As opposed to e.g. running a group on Facebook, you have full control over the site from the branding to the interactivity you’d like your users to have through the use of widgets. It is your own social network. And it’s free.

Check out http://www.ning.com/home/networks to see the most popular social networks on Ning and to give you an idea of what is possible…

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