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When A Name Is All-Important | Cynergise – Social Media Consultancy by Chandesh Parekh

When A Name Is All-Important

Chandesh Parekh
by Chandesh Parekh
in Branding
September 27, 2007

There are two major mobile network players in Kenya: Celtel and Safaricom.

Whilst I’m out here in Kenya, I’m using a Celtel SIM, and it turns out that Celtel Kenya’s parent firm, MTC Group has recently changed its name to Zain.

This was a name selected from a list of over 400 after extensive research was conducted across many countries and cultures, which validated its broad global appeal.  In Arabic, Zain means “beautiful, good and wonderful.”

When you’re naming your next company or finding a suitable name for your business, who are you reaching out to, who are you serving, and when the company grows, are you sure that the name will make sense to those in other countries and cultures?

Also, when you’re selecting a suitable domain name for your business, consider this while you read our article on Descriptive Domain Names.

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